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  • Sandra MILANA
    Sandra MILANA

    le 06/08/2020 à 15:00

    Hello, Mr / Mrs
    I introduce myself it is Mr. Marcelle Green, there are too many scams in the loan offers between individuals. I have visited a loan announcement site between serious individual all over the world and I knew a wonderful gentleman,name of Mr Paul laverge of French nationality who helps people by making them loans and who granted me a loan of 100,000 € that I have to repay over 30 years with a very low interest on his part, 3% over the entire loan period and there the next morning I received the money without protocol. Need personal credit, your bank refuses to grant you ready, you are in any country of the world you can speak to him and you will be satisfied but attention to you who don't like repaying loans.

    Here is his email: sandramilana@ymail.com

    And don't forget to share to help your loved ones who are in need

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